True Love Atlanta 1 to-1 ABA Summer Program


June 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019

Introduction: During the summer of 2019, Truelove has organized a 1-to-1 ABA Summer Program. During late May, volunteer signed up to participate in the event. Volunteers get trained by ABA specialist and learn how to take care of autistic children. Then, volunteers are assigned to different families. During the first few days, volunteer and family meet up to discuss their plans for over the summer. After that, the volunteer will come to the families’ home and help them take care of the autistic child. They use the skill they learn from the ABA specialist and apply them to real-world examples. Overall, the volunteer will learn more about autism, and families get the good need to break over the summer.

This program has started, and we keep receiving positive feedback from parents.  Here are some examples:

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寒假期间,真爱力量为了增加我们亚裔特需孩子假期的精彩活动和参予社会实践,我们安排如下: 12月28日 11:00am-1:00pm参观Johns Creek City Hall;孩子们可以到市政厅办公室体验并学习市政会议流程和工作内容; 1月3日 11:00am-1:00pm深度参观Johns Creek Super Target;(Super Targer是在一定地域内规模最大的Target)我们的孩子将会在这一天了解到大型超市的销售流程和超市管理系统,让孩子们知道超市和生活物资的关系和超市的经营管理方式了解生活物资的分配,孩子们也可以自己尝试自助购物和结账。 1月4号Johns Creek ‍警察局11:00am-1:00pm这一天,孩子们会进入到平时戒备森严神秘威武的警察局内部参观设备和了解我们法律肉身的英雄们如何一天的工作和他们如何维护我们的生活安全!

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