True Love Art Contest


As a parent or teacher, have you noticed a talent for art in your child? The beautiful color combinations paired with their imagination not only touch the hearts of their relatives and friends, but also touch the hearts of thousands of people. We hope to develop the strengths of these children with autism to increase their confidence, reduce their problematic behaviors, and make them healthier. The True Love Art Contest is open to all special needs children in the United States and China. In addition to receiving prize money, children will also have the chance to see their works of art become beautiful greeting cards. All contestants’ works will be shown in the online gallery!

Entry rules:

1. Only 3 to 12 years old children with autism are qualified for the competition. Group A is made of 3 to 7 years old children and group B is made of 8 to 12 years old children.

2. The work must be done by the child.

3. The artworks are going to be put on thank you cards, birthday cards and Christmas cards. Each painting must have a title, and each person can submit multiple entries.

4. Date of submission: April 2 – August 1 every year

5. Submission link:

6. Each entry must be accompanied by a title. We recommend writing a description.

7. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the names of the contestants must not appear in the photo in any form. The main committee will hire senior teachers to blindly evaluate and select 20 winning entries.

8. All contestants’ works will be posted in the online gallery.

9. Date of the announcement of the winners: September 1 every year

10. Awards are below:

First Place: One contestant will receive a prize of $150 (One person)

Second Place: Three contestants, one winner for each type of card, will receive a prize of $100

Third Place: Six contestants, two winners for each type of card, will receive a prize of $50

Excellence Award: Ten contestants (5 in Group A, and 5 in Group B), will receive a set of greeting cards

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