Monthly Gathering


True Love for Hope has a family gathering at the Bread of Life Christian Church in Atlanta every month. As for San Diego and New Jersey, the gatherings occur periodically.

We welcome all families with children dealing with autism along with all individuals who are interested in volunteering. The following is an introduction to the Atlanta gathering.

At the gathering, we offer children’s care. The volunteers will prepare games and interactive programs meant to further develop the children’s coordination, creativity, and social skills. Furthermore, we strive to provide a loving, and harmonious environment, so that these children have the chance to build long-lasting friendships.

At every gathering, we hope to provide parents with opportunities to interact with each other, learn from professionals, recharge for the month, and build friendships. Additionally, while parents are welcome to participate, they can also drop their children off and have some time for themselves. We offer children’s care during this time for your child with autism along with any other children.

For more information about this event, please email or contact Martha Xu at 404-578-1472.

Meeting place

Bread of Life Christian Church in Atlanta

4995 Avalon Ridge Parkway, Norcross, GA 30071

*The event is free for all participants.

Participant Requirements

Participants need to fill out a registration form, a disclaimer and a questionnaire regarding their children when attending the gathering for the first time. We also expect you to register in advance, so that we can accommodate everyone attending the event.

For the gathering in San Diego, please email to get more information. As for the one in New Jersey, please email

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